The Voice

Time once again to look at Tuesday’s episode of The Voice from a fashion-y perspective.

Team CeeLo:

In both rehearsals and the performance Wade was wearing a denim jacket. This Wrangler Men’s Retro Western Denim Jacket is on sale for $32.98 if you want to have the look for yourself.

They sang True Colors by Cindy Lauper. I love that song. Personally, I like Wade better,but I agree that he kind of phoned the performance in. James did better, but he kind of bugs me. Regardless of my opinion, he won the battle.

The second CeeLo team battle was Justin and Tony. This one was a tough one. In one scene Justin wore a button front henley type shirt under another shirt. It reminded me of this Derek Heart Women’s Heart Racer Back Tank Top that we have. Inspiration can cross genders – I can be inspired by a man’s look and then create a feminine version. I’d wear this top under a button up with the sleeves rolled up and some cut offs.

Sometimes classically trained artist who work on Broadway get too stylized for me, but honestly Tony was amazing. Personally I like the grit in Justin’s voice better….I swear – I had notes that said his voice was “dirty and gritty” and then a minute later Adam had the same comment. Adam and I, we are on the same page! But I see why Tony won.

Other random thoughts on this team…CeeLo cried more times than I can count in this episode, there are a lot of military jackets on this show (across the board, not just on this team)….oh…and did you read that CeeLo’s cat is a RENTAL?

Team Christina:

Is it just me or was the girl from The Line kind of snarky on this episode? She was so unwilling to try a new song and step outside her comfort zone. I thought calling them out as a wedding band was very accurate. But, I will say that at the very end of the performance she came through and sounded good and kind of got into it. I loved that Moses wanted to step outside his genre and try something new.

In rehearsals she (the girl from The Line whose name I cannot find) wore skinny jeans cuffed. I love this look. Try cuffing these Rock and Roll Cowgirl Women’s Low Rise Skinny Jeans with Nail Head Flap Pockets or any of our skinny jeans for a similar look.

In the performance both of them had some type of flocking going on on their clothes. I wasn’t feeling either look. BUT they both had good boots. From what I could see his were basic brown, I think similar to these Justin Stampede Men’s Cattleman Rawhide Cowboy Boots. Honestly I couldn’t see hers, but I saw a bit of studding I think and that made me hope/wish they were these amazing Stud Rocker Boots by Lane. They weren’t I don’t think, but they should have been.

It was no surprise that Moses wore a Member’s Only jacket. On this show it’s either a military jacket or a member’s only one. Vocally The Line may have had it, but overall Moses was more fun. I am glad he won. I think if The Line added some pain and angst into their music and stopped being all grins and smiles, they would be great.

Next up – Team Blake:

Jordan. Man, I thought he really gave it his all. That was a tough song for him and he tried. As far as his fashion…he sported a sherpa lined coat like this Levi’s ® Men’s Standard Sherpa Trucker Jacket and during the performance he rocked classic black. He’s so young and sweet, next time he plays live I’d like to see him amp up his style with am embroidered shirt. This Panhandle Slim Men’s Long Sleeve Retro Snap Western Shirt with Barbed Wire Embroidery would be a good pick for him.

Naia took the win. It kind of shocked me. Usually Blake likes a project – so I thought maybe he’d pick Jordan. But I was wrong. During rehearsals Naia layered a flowy vest over a maxi dress. Very cool casual look. This Ariat Women’s Lizzie Vest would layer great over spring dresses.

Last up, Team Adam:

Nicolle rocked a crochet type sweater in one scene that I loved. This Lucky Brand Women’s Natalie Tunic Top is similar in a lot of ways, but a long sleeve version. Both this top and her amazing pink dress were begging to be paired with cowboy boots. I think for the performance these Ariat Women’s Presidio Cowboy Boots would have been funky and cool paired with her sparkly pink dress.

I liked Nicolle better, but I see why they picked Mathai.

Karla. Oh Karla. She grew on me. But her denim shirt with jeans look in the first scene killed me. I love a good denim shirt, but the look was off. Maybe paired with white or black jeans it would have been better. I’m glad Adam changed the song so they each had a fighting chance. Sometimes I think the song pick totally sways to battle. Adam telling Karla to release Bertha, the big girl inside of her was classic. I was laughing out loud at that one. I am going to cross gender lines again for a second, the striped shirt Orlando wore reminded me of these new Derek Heart Women’s Stripe Tees.

What can I say about the performance. Bertha wasn’t there for me. I didn’t hear the big sound, but I guess I was wrong. She got the win and Orlando went home.

That’s it for this week. Next up, the live performances. If I tweet live will you guys follow along and tweet with me!??!