The Voice

Did you guys watch The Voice on Monday? I love the battle rounds almost as much as I love Adam’s old man sweaters. Ok here goes…a recap of sorts. A fashion recap. First up, some men’s shirts…later we can address the crazy.

In rehearsals Tony Lucca wore a light blue snap shirt, kind of like this Lucky Brand Snap Shirt.

And our man Blake wore a redish brown one like this Rough Stock Long Sleeve Shirt.

During the battles Blake wore classic black. Try this Rock and Roll Cowboy one. It has a bit of embroidery on the back, so still classic, but with some detail.

Let’s stick with the men here for another minute. I wasn’t a big fan of the pleather member’s only jacket that Chris wore for his performance. He seems like a Pendelton guy to me. I mean, look…he even looks a little like this model!

As far as the men’s fashion that had me a bit confused….CeeLo, of course. But…red santin Pjs?!?! He cracks me up. And the grey sweatshirt thing that Anthony wore…what was that?

Ok, on to the women.

RaeLynn wore a peasant type shirt in some of the rehearsal scenes. It kind of reminded me of this Ariat Chiffon Shirt as far as style goes.

Miranda came to help out on set and wore a red and black plaid shirt. She is so darn cute it kills me. This Cowgirl Up Button Up Shirt would achieve the same look. Wear it open over a tank or tee like she did.

Adley wore a big belt buckle in some of the rehearsal scenes. I love some good western bling! How about this Ariat Belt Buckle?

Christina showed one of my favorite go to looks, a denim jacket. She wore it with a long black maxi dress. Everyone needs a denim jacket for spring. It is a go-to easy look. Try this Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket.

Chessa had some fringe going on in the performance part. Not exactly this, but in the same vein. This Miss Me Tank is one I could see her wearing for sure.

And lastly, my girl Jordis. She is my favorite going into this thing. She struggled with the song and it wasn’t great – but she is still my fav. And the shoes she wore….Oh WOW. I want those heels. Loved them. But as far as day to day, we need to get her to rock some Dingo Boots. They are perfect for a rocker like her. These 7″ Dingo Zipper Harness Boots are perfect for her.

So I counted like 2 or 3 pleather member’s only type jackets in this episode, 2 pairs of satin pants on CeeLo (a full red PJs set, and black ones with a black sweater), a couple of old man sweaters and one flying saucer. Oh yes, we had to mention Xtina’s flying saucer facinator. The fashion was entertaining as always, and the performances too. As far as those…

Tony v. Chris….I agree. I like Tony Lucca. And I think when saying his name you have to say both first and last. It just sounds right that way.

RaeLynn v. Adley…I knew Blake would go with RaeLynn. He likes artists he can work with and help. He can really watch her grow over these next few weeks. I also agree, I think she is the better pick. And I love Adley too – but that girl needs to reign in those curls. Great great hair but styled not so great.

Angie v. Chessa…I knew he would pick Chessa. I would have picked Angie. To me Chessa is more acting like she is singing verses singing. Does that make any sense? It is just too forced and over the top for me. But so very CeeLo.

Monique v. Chris….Chris got the nod. I am not sure here. I think she could have been fun to watch, but I also think he will be interesting. This was a tough call. much like….

Anthony v. Geoff….Geoff got it. He is kind of like Chessa for me. A bit too into it. I just didn’t believe him as much as Anthony. But….who am I? Clearly not a judge…at least not until the later rounds where our votes count!

So that’s it for a recap. Let me know your thoughts!!!