The Voice is Back!

I don’t have a full recap…sorry. The Super Bowl wore me out! But I did have a few things catch my eye. First, miss Juliet on Team Cee Lo. Was this Ariat Studded Vest made to be rocked by her or what??

Chris, Jesse and Tony Lucca (I can’t just say Tony, his name seem to just fit better with first and last together, you know?) These guys will be fun to watch.I am pretty sure we can find some boot/jean/shirt combos to suit each of them.

Raelynn… did I miss her? Seriously…I must have missed a few minutes of the show??! Did you guys see her? The website says she is “Dolly Parton-loving, horse-riding, “Legally Blonde”-watching country pop artist” HOW DID I MISS HER? Based on the photos on the NBS site and her bio, I am going to guess these are right up her ally.

Did you guys check out the special we are running on these today? Click over to Horses and Heels to check it out.

Ok. So you know I’m going to watch this season….are you?