Miranda Lambert on Law & Order

Have y’all heard Miranda Lambert is gonna guest star on a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit? YES! Set your TiVos!! It’ll be airing February 8 and in the episode, an aspiring actress is found unconscious in Central Park with drugs in her system and evidence of sexual trauma. Miranda is cast as another actress who is in danger of being assaulted by the producer of a reality TV show. Harry Connick Jr. and Michael McKean also guest star in the episode.

Miranda tweeted about guest starring back on January 7th: Yall I’m so freaking excited to be on my favorite show ever !!!

I’m pretty pumped about seeing her acting debut and how exciting that she’s making her debut on her favorite show ever!! What do y’all think? Will you be watching? Are you a fan of Law & Order: SVU? I will definitely be checking it out because I’m a MIRANDA LAMBERT fan!!