The Perfect Fit

I read an article in the Feb issue of Lucky Magazine about finding jeans with the perfect fit. Their tips were too perfect not to share with you guys.

Know your body type. If you are thick around the middle, try a trouser jean. Pear shaped? Try Boot Cut.

Don’t take “boyfriend” too literally. The main point here was that yes, they should be loose and comfy, but not sloppy. They still need to fit you.

Take color into account. Dark is slimming. Look at the wash and the location of the fading and ticking.

Don’t go too low. This tip was interesting to me. It said that anything lower than 3 inches below your navel and you will create a muffin top on just about anyone.

Buy them a bit tight. All jeans stretch a little – even true fit ones.

And when you find the perfect pair…BUY TWO! I know this all too well. My favorite pair has been discontinued and I mourn their loss weekly!

For the full article, check out this month’s issue of Lucky Magazine.

Speaking of the loss of my favorite jean, I have been in an all out search to replace them. I was looking for a low rise, easy fit, slight boot cut. I want them for weekend wear with flats and my favorite converse sneakers.Last week I tried out the Southside Charlie Baby Boot.

First off, I love the feel of these. They are soft and on the thinner side. Not too thin, just a bit more soft and moveable than a rigid denim. The baby boot is perfect for flats and tennis shoes. So far so good. I still miss my favorite pair, but these might slide into place as my new go to casual weekend wear jean.