New Music Releases

There will be lots of new albums this month but until then, I have a couple of singles that have been released that you definitely need to be aware of.

First up, my man Tim McGraw released “Better Than I Used to Be“. Let’s first just take a look at that picture above. Sigh. He’s still got it, am I right? Ok, now, on to the music…this song y’all totally reminds me of his early days. It’s definitely traditional country that sounds sort of George Strait-ish. Definitely get this one in your rotation.

Next up, Taylor Swift released a new single, “Safe & Sound” with The Civil Wars from the upcoming soundtrack to The Hunger Games. This song is a little bit of a different sound from the Taylor Swift you are used to. The iTunes summary describes it as Appalachian folk, and I think after listening to it, I totally agree.  It’s a departure from Taylor’s norm but I am definitely loving it.

So which one will you be putting on your iPod?