Wear It: Need You Now

In honor of New Year’s Eve this weekend I decided to highlight Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now since it has a New Year’s feel to the end of the video. I’m sure everyone has already seen this video a million times if not heard it on the radio, right?! But go check the video out anyway…I’m going to focus on Hillary Scott’s LBD.

The perfect little black dress, wouldn’t you say? And you know what? Langston’s has a perfect LBD too! The only thing I think Hillary was missing was instead of heels she needed to have her some sequin boots! So here’s how I would do the LBD Langston’s New Year’s Eve style!

Panhandle Slim Women’s Solid Dress with Lace Back – Black
Ferrini Women’s Diva Sequin Snake Print Cowboy Boots – Pink

See what I mean? Those pink sequin Ferrini’s really kick it up a notch. And if you can’t get away with sequins at New Year’s Eve, when CAN you??