Wear It: Let It Snow (Somewhere Else)

I love the beach inspired Christmas video that Joey + Rory put out this season. It’s super fun and is great for folks that really don’t have a white Christmas, not even close. Check the video out first:

Fun huh? So here’s how I’d do it Langston’s BEACH style!

Cowgirl Justice Women’s Floral Sun Dress
Corral Women’s Stitched Boots – Desert Red

So there you have it! For all you folks having a warm Christmas! A CUTE little sundress with some fabulous red boots. I have these boots myself and I must say they are by far one of my favorites in my closet. And red boots shows off just enough sass. Am I right? I would definitely pair this up with some bright jewelry such as the turquoise necklace the model has on, PERFECT!

Next week I’ll give you a snazzy New Year’s Eve outfit! Is everybody ready for that? It will definitely be FUN!

Keep sending in requests for the video outfits you want to recreate!