Wear It: Drink In My Hand

We’ve had a request for some Eric Church duds! So let’s all check out the video Drink In My Hand by Mr Eric Church first!

So, dude is pretty hot right? In that bad boy smokey kind of way? Am I right? I am, trust me. Anyway, he’s super casual in this video with layered tees, jeans and boots. Here’s how I’d do it in the Langston’s way:

Southern Thread Men’s Short Sleeve Band T-Shirt – Black
Men’s Dickies Long Sleeve Solid Pocket Tee Shirt
Rock and Roll Cowboy Men’s Slim Fit Boot Cut Pistol Jeans
Stetson Men’s Handmade Distressed Eagle Underlay Cowboy Boots – Grey/Brown
So there you have it folks…the Eric Church! I’m definitely a fan of the long sleeve tee under the short sleeve tee. It’s casual but it shows you have a bit of fashion sense. And the jeans, I’m definitely in love with Langston’s Rock and Roll jeans…the wash and the stitch…love it! And these boots..GUYS! You NEED these boots!!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Wear It! PLEASE continue sending in requests for who you want to see!

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