Wear It: Footloose

Remember when we told you about Blake Shelton coming out with a cover of Footloose? Well today we are gonna deconstruct Blake Shelton’s outfit in the video. It’s super casual, yet good looking….

All of the pieces that Blake wears in the video are AWESOME basics that I think every dude should own. So if you don’t own one or all of these pieces, run don’t walk to the Langston’s site and hit checkout! This is the outfit you should add piece by piece to your cart:

90 Proof Men’s Long SLeeve Flannel Plaid Snap Shirt with Embroidery – Red
Rock and Roll Cowboy Men’s Slim Fit Boot Cut Pistol Jeans with Heavy Stitching
Levi’s ┬« Men’s New Fit Trucker Jacket – Rigid
Ariat┬« Men’s Rambler Boots – Earth / Brown Bomber
So there you have it! I’m totally on board with this look for anybody and everybody. I mean hell, even girls could pull this look off, maybe that’s a post for another day…this outfit, girl’s version!

One thought on “Wear It: Footloose

  1. I already got the Ramblers, but I love the rest of the outfit to wear with them! Definitely something to put on the ol’ Christmas list this year.

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