New Music Releases

I’ve got several albums to tell you about today. A couple that came out last week and a couple coming out today.

First up, Martina McBride’s Eleven. I have to admit, I pre-ordered this folks. I’m a fan. I bought Teenage Daughters as a single and just honestly couldn’t wait for the album to come out. My favorite song that I have on repeat from the album is Whatcha Gonna Do. Love it. This album has sort of a bluesy vibe to it and I’m loving it.

Next, Lauren Alaina’s Wildflower. This is also a release that came out last week. If you’ll recall, Lauren Alaina is one of the finalists on American Idol last season. You’ll want to check out Like My Mother Does and Dirt Road Prayer on this one.

Shelby Lynne’s Revelation Road is coming out today. I’m a big fan of Shelby Lynne. She’s got a fantastic voice and has a rebel attitude about her music. I’m always excited to check out her new stuff. Check out The Thief and I Don’t Need a Reason to Cry off this one.

Last we have Montgomery Gentry’s Rebels On The Run. I Like Those People, Missing You, and So Called Life are definitely some to listen to off this album. Sounds like Montgomery Gentry have had a rough year with a cancer diagnosis and divorce, so let’s give them some love shall we?

What are y’all listening to?

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