Haunted Store

Did you guys know that our flagship store in the Oklahoma City Stockyards is haunted!?!?!

As the story goes, back in the days before we occupied the space, there was a dance hall in the building. Legend has it that two women, Rose and Patty worked in the dance hall. Patty was shot by a jealous lover on the first floor, and Rose, who was overcome with grief, hung herself upstairs.

According to reports, the upstairs area has left many an employee with feelings of unrest and dread. There have been cases of the lights turning off and on by themselves and and a “presence” seems to be always up there. HauntedHouses.com even recounts an employee being shoved down the stairs by a paranormal being.

What do you think? A bit of Halloween fun, or a truly haunted building? Lucky for me the Internet department is housed at a different location. Legend or not, I see no need to take any chances!!