Employee Picks

Up this week with an outfit pick is Christy.

Let’s start at the top….Christy picked this Cindy Smith Women’s 3 Strand Turquoise Necklace and Earring Set. This matching turquoise necklace and earring set features a three strand turquoise necklace as well as matching earrings. Christy said, ” I love the necklace because of the three different strands, the texture and the turquoise stone brings it all together.” This set works well paired with a button down, like the Roper Women’s Long Sleeve Paisley Print Snap Shirt that Christy picked, but it also works with solid knits or basic cotton. It’s very versatile.

Christy paired the button down with these Levi’s ® Juniors 524 ™ Boot Cut Jeans. I also think it would be great with some black pants or jeans.  She said, ” I picked this shirt because of the ocean blue color and the warm tone paisley print. The jeans are very comfortable and the dark blue compliments the ocean blue in the shirt. ”

As for boots, Christy went with Ariat, the Women’s Legend Boots. About the boots she said, ” I picked the boots because of the color which brings out the brown in the shirt. ”

Thanks for a great pick Christy!