Ali Dee & a Kender West Giveaway!

Next up in our week long giveaway spree is the bracelet picked by Ali Dee of CMT’s Texas Women, and the voice behind the great tune  World’s Gone Crazy, her debut single which is available now on iTunes!

Ali picked this leather strap bracelet with a snap closure and three pink stone accents. This is perfect for an every day casual look.


Kender West Women’s Snap Bracelet with Pink Stones


Want to win one of these bracelets?  We are giving away 2!! Here is how to enter:

You can enter up to five times, all of them require a comment to THIS post. (Only one comment per entry method will be included in the drawing):

First Entry: Leave a comment on THIS post below and tell us why you love this bracelet.

Second Entry: “Like” Ali Dee, Langston’s AND Kender West on Facebook and leave a comment on THIS post below letting us know have liked all three pages. (If you already like all three pages, go ahead and leave a comment for this entry, you already qualify)

Third Entry: Post a link to THIS giveaway post on your Facebook status update. Leave a comment here letting us know when you’ve posted. The URL for the link is:

Fourth Entry: Follow Ali Dee, Langston’s, AND Kender West on Twitter. Again, post it here when you have done it. (If you already follow all three of us, then go ahead and post a comment, you already qualify)

Fifth Entry: Tweet a link to THIS giveaway post and leave a comment here when it’s been posted. Here’s a twitter friendly link to this post:

That’s right, you can enter this giveaway up to 5 times!!!! Then come back tomorrow and enter our next giveaway!!! Make sure you entered each day on each blog post to be entered for that days giveaway!!! 

This giveaway closes Tuesday 10/18 and winners will be announced Wednesday 10/19.

Good luck!!

137 thoughts on “Ali Dee & a Kender West Giveaway!

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  2. What’s not to love about pink and leather? Very cool bracelet that I need to add to my collection.

  3. This bracelet is awesome! PINK 🙂 and tough so wont fall off or break when riding horses or working cows!!! 🙂

  4. Put as my FB status, although I really do hate doing that 😉 Decreases my chances 😉

  5. I love this bracelet because it has a rustic look and the pink and brown color combo is one of my favorites!

  6. Never can have enough jewlery and its Pink and Brown!
    Its very creative and different!!!
    Liked all three links on Facebook 10/12
    Following all three Links on twitter 10/12
    Posted Link on Twitter 10/12
    Posted Link on Facebook 10/12

  7. I love it because it will go with 95% of my wardrobe and of course because Ali Dee wears one!!!!!!!!

  8. So cute! It looks country and rustic, two of my favorite things! It will go great w boots!

  9. I would love to give one to my wife. We have 2 special needs children and money is always tight. We take care of our children very well and when it comes to my wife and I, we sacrafice to make sure the kids have everything they need!

  10. pink & Ali Dee picking it out 4 us 2 win=priceless – luv watching Texas Women & Ali sing 🙂

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