A week of Giveaways!

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Tues. 10/11 – Rock and Roll Cowgirl Jeans
Wed. 10/12 – Kender West Bracelets
Thur. 10/13 – Rock and Roll Cowgirl Tops
Fri. 10/14 – Ariat Boots
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Did you guys watch Texas Women this summer? You know we did around here and we recapped it weekly. We loved all the girls…still do! We are hoping to see them back for a second season. We especially loved Ali Dee and her great style (and rocking music!)

We asked Ali to do a bit of browsing around our site, and to pick out a few of her favorite things. She picked 2 amazing outfits, and the best part…we are giving away those items to you guys! We have 4 days of giveaways this week!!! Each day I will post a couple of items and each day you can comment on that post to be entered to win one of those items. We will have some “extra entry” opportunities as well. Each giveaway will be open for 1 week.

In the mean time, head over to iTunes and download Ali’s single, World’s Gone Crazy. I think listening to it 3 times a day will increase your chances of winning. Just a thought!

Check back tomorrow for our first giveaway post!!

54 thoughts on “A week of Giveaways!

  1. Lovedddd Texas Women!!! Can’t wait for season 2 and really loved Ali Dee and her super cute outfits 🙂 Great musician.

  2. Absolutely love Texas Women and I love the outfits that Ali picked! Especially love the outfit on the left…that white T is super cute!

  3. I love the Texas Women Show!!! Ali Dee, was one of my favorites, bought her song the day it came out on iTunes. Love her style as well. Fingers crossed for Season 2!

  4. Love Ali she is amazing song writer and musician! Apperently she also awesome picking out amazing outfits too! Loved Texas Women!

  5. Whether I’m out with my girls or kicking it at a rodeo, I want to be looking like Ali Dee in her stylish clothes from Langston’s! I’m just a LA girl with a Tx Woman’s style! Go Ali Dee!

  6. I really liked Texas Women too, I do hope they bring it back for a second season. Hope Ali goes as far as she wants to!

  7. Love, love, love Texas Women! Ali was by far my favorite gal on the show, plus her style rocks just like her music! Love the two outfits, especially the one on the right which would be great for our rainy Fall days here in Oregon!

  8. I loved the show Texas Women and enjoyed seeing home while being stationed away from home for years now. Ali’s sense of style is amazing and I really would love to rock some of those from Langstons.

  9. Texas Women was such an entertaining show. Loved how it showcased the ladies and their career paths in life. Also the STYLE is great to see “Country” at it’s best!! Hoping for another season! GL Ali Dee, I hope you go far 🙂

  10. Awesome show, music and outfits! Love Ali Dee and all of the Texas Women cast! Langston’s Western Wear is pretty neat, too! 🙂

  11. I Love Texas Women!! I so hope they come back for a second season! Ali Dee Rocked her Style “Texas” all the way! Good Luck Ali- Im a #1 Fan! These outfits are great that she picked out! Love the White T!

  12. Loved Ali Dee on Texas Women! She is hot stuff in her music AND style! Definitely want to see more Ali Dee

  13. I really enjoyed watching a group of strong women follow their dreams. I think all women can relate to you ladies! Thanks Ali Dee for inspiring me to chase my dreams! Hope to see another season of Texas Women!

  14. I absolutley LOVE these outfits!! They are so stinkin’ cute! Love your taste in good fashion Ali Dee 🙂 Can’t wait for season 2 of Texas Women!!

  15. Love the jeans and shirts Specially the white shirt with short sleeves. I missed the show this time around but hoping I get to watch it some time. Been working to much to stay caught up lol. Great clothes.

  16. I loved Texas Women! I couldn’t get enough:-) The fact that Ali Dee stayed out of the drama and focused on what really was important to her made me <3 her that much more:-) BTW she is a country style icon! She took this city girl and turned her country-although my husband thinks it was all him:-)

  17. Thanks you for introducing me to your site! I love what I see and can’t wait to do some shoppin!! I fell in love with those sassy Texas Women. Good to see Ali’s music career is taking off.

  18. I absolutly loved Texas Women. It was my favorite show every Thursday night. Yall girls are very good role models and I cant wait til season 2 comes on. And Ali I am diffenently a hugh fan!!!

  19. Love Texas Women!!! <3 Ali!!! Lots of fun crazy girls…FABULOUS show! Proud to be from Texas! 🙂 Can't wait for the new season! <3 <3 <3

  20. Loved the show! I watched every episode and kept them dvr’d to watch again! The outfits are super cute! Can’t wait till your album comes out!!!

  21. I haven’t seen the show yet but I really love the clothing style! Definitely outfits for the cityfied country girl

  22. I never missed an episode of texas women, loved there style and accessories all the girls wore. Looking forward to next season.

  23. Love Texas Women! Ali was by far my favorite gal on the show, plus her style rocks just like her music! Love both of the outfits!

  24. Your website is great retail theropy for the country girl! I and my 3 yr old son watched Texas Women, it was his favorite show…and one of mine too…reminds me of us Nebraska Women!

  25. Texas Women was a terrific show, kept me glued to my recliner lol. My fav outfit is the Pink shirt. Wearing pink always makes me feel like I look “Hot!” and stand out in a crowd. And, most of all, I love Langstons you have the best shopping website on the net! No backorder, super fast shipping great sales! Keep them comming.

  26. Love to shop at langston. They have the best prices and selection. I only saw the show once and loved it.

  27. Love the style…simple, crazy, beautiful, and tuff all wrapped into one little bracelet! And yes, please bring Ali Dee back for a second season…miss your face!!

  28. Woooo! Loved Texas Woman.!!!! i cant wait to see if season 2 will happen!! Woo Love ya AliDee!!!!!! Nd the rest of the girls too! Nd Gus! Nd Even Dorithy;(.
    Hope yall do get to do a 2nd season<3<3!!!

    From a Texas Woman herself! Because their is no best and everything is Bigger & better in TEXAS<3

  29. I love Ali Dee and TEXAS WOMAN! I never missed a show of Texas Woman. I, along with everyone else, loved and even though the show is over, still love Ali Dee. She is so sincere and was the one that everyone wanted to be friends with. She is strong, beautiful and an idol to so many young woman <3

  30. Love, love, love the show and especially Ali Dee!!! Whoever wins is getting some good stuff!!!

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