Wear It: Wanna Take You Home

Gloriana’s Wanna Take You Home video has some GREAT outfits! Lots of boots and denim for sure! I’m going to focus on one outfit in particular, my favorite outfit in the video: Rachel Reinart’s. ¬†She’s the brunette bombshell of the group, go check her outfit out.

So what’d I tell ya? Great right? I’m loving all those colors together!! So here’s the outfit Langston’s style.

Derek Heart Women’s Cap Sleeve Scoop Neck Pocket Shirt in Summer Coral
Southern Thread Women’s Bobbie Skinny Fit Stretch Jeans
Corral Women’s Vintage Deer Knee High Cowboy Boots – Cognac
Cindy Smith Women’s Eight Strand Turquoise Bead Necklace Set
Cindy Smith Women’s Silver Tone Bead Necklace with Roses

Same great colors as Rachel’s! I would definitely layer the necklaces up so you can get that same look. And those Corral Knee High boots, man oh man I am lusting after them, aren’t you?? Who had your favorite look in this video?

4 thoughts on “Wear It: Wanna Take You Home

  1. I’d love to know who makes the boots with the swirls on them! They’re showed right at the beginning in a ‘stomp’ shot and again during the dance sequence. Any ideas? Thanks!

  2. I’m dying to have the shirt that the main blonde dancer girl is wearing, it’s ivory in color, and I think a little lacey. I NEED to have it! lol

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