Texas Women

First up…congrats to Jennifer the winner of our Cindy Smith necklace giveaway!!!!!  And now, on to the recap…the season finale.

Brooke and Ali spent some time in the Fort Worth Stockyards looking for a bar to host Ali’s CD release party…and on that search Ali wore this Tab Sleeve Plaid Snap Shirt by Southern Thread.

What was that deal with the mouse on cat on dog?!?!?!?!?  I really have no words for that. And the old man making cat calls at the girls cracked me up.  As far as the actual party, it looked like a good time was had by all. I didn’t see Brooke dance on any speakers, but maybe that is for the best. Have you guys bought Ali’s single yet?  World’s Gone Crazy is now available on iTunes as of yesterday.

Speaking of that show, there was a shot of a girl walking into it wearing these Seagreen Justin Bent Rail Boots.

What about the rest of the episode? I thought Brooke’s hubs giving her a horse was sweet. She kind of got a bad rap on this show, but this episode really showed her helping Ali and I think there is more to Brooke than we saw here.

Hannah got a call from the hair ninja and it looks like her modeling career is going to happen. One thing that perplexed me was her hair during the show. We kept going from short to long and back again. I know, editing a show and things get out of order, but still. Keep it on the shorter side Hannah…it is so pretty on you!

Anna ended the show headed up our way to Oklahoma. We hope she will come visit us while she is here. In fact, we hope all the Texas Women will! Miss Ali Dee said she wants to play cities all over…maybe we can sweet talk her into a stop here to see us.

Well, that is it for this season. Thanks for playing along with my fashion recaps!