Smile Pockets

Pockets that make you happy? I’m kidding, they are much more than that, but they do make me happy. Smile pockets are the curved pockets usually found on western shirts that have piping on them that comes up to a point. What is piping you ask? It is the raised string like material that is used as detail on shirts. Do you know all these terms? What about saddle stitching and western yoke? It is time to brush up on your western shirt lingo so that you can write out a detailed Christmas wish list! We’ve got you covered. Our Western Shirt Guide¬†will explain every detail and feature.



Panhandle Slim Retro Men’s Western Long Sleeve Plaid Snap Shirt with Contrast Yokes – Camel



Rockmount Ranch Wear – Men’s L/S Black Western Snap Shirt with Saddlestitching