New Music Releases

Well y’all there are no major albums coming out today but I do want to keep you up to speed with some new singles that have recently come out.

First up, The Scientist. This is Willie Nelson doing a cover of Coldplay! Chipotle Mexican Grill commissioned both a movie and Nelson’s performance to emphasize the importance of developing sustainable food systems. And seeing as how Willie Nelson is a founder of Farm Aid, you can see why he’d be involved. Great song, great cover. Go check it out.

The Scientist, Willie Nelson

Next is a new one by Vince Gill. It’s been quite a while since we heard Vince Gill! He’ll be coming out with a new album later this year in which his entire family can be heard somewhere on the album. This is his first single off that album and I think we can definitely say Vince Gill is BACK.

Threaten Me With Heaven, Vince Gill

Lastly, I’ve got some new Kenny Chesney for you. Rise Up is a new song available on iTunes that coincides with ESPN’s new show of the same name, Rise Up. The show visits ailing high school athletic facilities as they are given makeovers. Kinda cool, eh? And this seems to fit right in with Kenny Chesney’s love of football. Per the Chesney camp we probably won’t hear this song on the radio as it was just written as the theme song for the show, but like I said, it is available on iTunes for purchase.

Rise Up, Kenny Chesney

So will you be purchasing any of these, or have you already? I’ve actually been listening to The Scientist over the last week or so and am loving it. Time to purchase the new Vince song as well as check out Chesney’s song/show.