New Music Releases

Lady Antebellum’s 3rd album comes out today, Own the Night. I’m a big Lady Antebellum fan and have been waiting for something new from them! I think the unique thing about Lady Antebellum is how lead vocals switch up from song to song between Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley.

Charles has stated in the past to GAC:

“Having the two lead vocals there can take people into different journeys. And I think there are people who are just naturally gonna gravitate to her voice that aren’t gonna gravitate to mine, and vice versa. And then on top of it, you’ve got this harmony potential, with Dave. When we mix the record, we don’t even realize how important the three-part harmony is until it’s not there. In the mix, they sometimes tend to blend in together, these two men’s voices. But it warms it up so much. If there was one little piece of the puzzle that wasn’t there on anything, or if his voice was too high or vice versa? We definitely feel very fortunate that we found each other and it all happened.”

I couldn’t agree more, different vocals lead to different journeys for people. Hopefully with Own the Night we have a ton more journeys with them.

Here are my favorites off the album so far: The current release “Just A Kiss”, “Cold As Stone”, “As You Turn Away”.

Own The Night, Lady Antebellum