New Music Releases

Today is a big day folks. It’s the new release from King George. I’m talking about George Strait of course! His new album is called Here for a Good Time and it’s out today!

On this new album, George co-wrote 7 of the 11 songs. He co-wrote with his son Bubba and writing partner Dean Dillon. And he also co-produced with producer Tony Brown. This is George’s 39th studio album and his latest single, the title track, Here for a Good Time is his 89th career single.

Aside from the title track, these are the songs I would definitely check out if I were you: “Drinkin’ Man”, “Shame On Me”, “I’ll Always Remember You”.

Dude still has it. Dude is still sexy. Dude can SANG.

Here for a Good Time, George Strait

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