Employee Picks by Katie

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This week Katie picked our Employee Outfit of the Week.  As with a lot of our outfits, it all starts with the boots. Katie picked Daisey Boots from Corral. She said, “I just love these boots! The daisies make the style more fun and girlie to me.”

Paired with the fun boots, some classic jeans. According to Katie, “…this outfit needs some light colored jeans and what’s better than these by Levi’s? Perfect fit and shade!”  Her pick was the Levi’s 525. These perfect waist, straight leg jeans are an easy to wear jean. The sky color easily pairs with anything.

We saw this Southern Thread Green Snap Shirt a few weeks ago on CMT’s Texas Women on Ali Dee. Katie said, “the shirt’s different colors come together nicely and make this shirt stand out from the crowd.” I bet that was why Ali picked it too!

Rounding out the outfit, some Cindy Smith Bracelets. Katie says they are “the perfect touch” and I could not agree more.  I love the fall colors in this look. Greens, tans, browns, yellows and just a hint of pink. This is the prefect outfit to wear to the next football game or watch party for sure.

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