Texas Women

Did you guys watch Texas Women last night? I have to say, I laughed out loud at several moments. Hannah giving lip to Brooke made me crack up. I know a lot of it is editing, but still, hating on her shorts and her horses made me laugh. Hannah and Brooke needs some serious couples therapy. I think we can skip the recap on taking a, um, sample from the bulls right? Let’s move right on into Anna and the cowboy….

That guy trying to date Anna? Where do I start!?!?!? I hate date bets. Go out with me if I do this. Bleh. So cheesy. Before we get to the date, boots. I think he was wearing Justin Tekno Crepe boots – not the patch work ones he rode in, the ones he took off to put those on. They looked like this…

Ok. They didn’t look exactly like different colors. But they were Ostrich and they looked like Justin to me. By the way, the Tekno Crepe is pretty cool – they are more flexible than other boots and therefore more comfortable. The ones above are  the Men’s Full Quill Ostrich Cowboy Boots with Tekno Crepe™ Sole in Cognac, and here is the full line of Justin Tekno Crepe Boots.

The date…oh the date. It was so painful to watch. Anna saying that it felt like she was on a date with her younger brother….ouch. Also not a good sign if you are singing to a girl and she is guzzling her wine. Best line ever…”sister isn’t wearing any socks, but even if I was, they wouldn’t have been knocked off.”  The dress she was rocking was pretty hot….to hot for that bad date!

Both Hannah and Anna sported some military style hats in this episode. The Radar Cap by Cruel Girl is pretty close in style to the ones they both wore.

Miss Ali Dee got herself a producer! Yea!! Good old Pappy. He seems like a good guy and that he will help her succeed. During her recording session she had on a ruffled plaid shirt with a big leather belt. Her shirt was sleeveless, but here is a long sleeve option by Panhandle Slim. Their Women’s Long Sleeve Plaid Dress with Rhinestones in Red could be worn over jeggings and belted for a similar look.

That’s about it for this week. Let me know your thoughts on the show.