Texas Women

The first few minutes of last night’s episode were not happy ones for me. I remember that day of tornadoes. Hannah was on the phone with her dad in Edmond, Oklahoma – we are in OKC, just barely south of there. That day had some pretty evil storms. I love how Okies are all meteorologists. She was pointing out the wall clouds and the lowering, it was cracking me up. I can’t speak to the fashion in that scene, I was too busy looking at the clouds.

Anna. Oh Anna. I love Anna. I think her support of Hannah is so sweet and nice. She is like a mama bear or a big sis. Big sis, mama…adults. I was not that into her tiny green bow in the pool scene and with her green sweater dress. That bow belongs on someone my son’s age. Sorry. But the dress was good. Very cute. We just so happen to have a similar one, and it is $11.98. Yes…you read that correctly.

Derek Heart Women’s Knit Sweater Dress – comes in 5 colors too.

Anna had a big chunky cool necklace on in some of the interview scenes too. I didn’t love her bracelet, but the necklace was good. And at least she is trying! She is working it. Brooke wasn’t showing us much of anything last night.

Now, I am not going to hate on Brooke….well, maybe just a bit. In other episodes I like her, but last night she was in a funk. I know her horse is hurt and that is rough, but she needs to support Hannah. Yes, Hannah hasn’t done much up until now – but now she is trying. So give the girl some love. Sour attitude or not, she did look really cute in the last scene. I love a short flowy strapless dress paired with a big belt. Try this Cowgirl Justice Women’s Floral Sun Dress with a wide belt for a similar look.

Back to miss Hannah. I love her more natural look. I think the “Hair Ninja” (did you catch that? That was his name – whatever!!) took her a bit dark, but I love it shorter and all one color. I was shocked at how pretty her beauty shot came out – all of them really. In one of her shots she was wearing a fur vest. It was very uptown and NYC yet still Hannah. It reminded me of this Ariat Women’s Fur Wrap Vest.

Miss Ali Dee wasn’t in much last night…but she was sweet and cute as usual. I couldn’t see it very well, but I think she was rocking a necklace with an elephant on it. I am kind of loving elephants lately. Maybe she will swap with me? I get her necklace and she can have this Western Charm Women’s Guitar Necklace and Earring Set.

So those are my thoughts. What did you think?? Don’t forget to also click over to this post and enter to win a pair of Rock and Roll Cowgirl Jeans. Comments must be on that post to enter. We are giving away 5 pairs, and right now we are at under 50  comments so your chances are good!

3 thoughts on “Texas Women

  1. Brooke explained on her FB & Ali did on USTREAM that they were ALL making fun of Hannah and CMT made it look like Brooke was the only one.

  2. Thanks Ashley for the info. That figures. These reality shows always edit to promote controversy…and I fell for it! Sorry Brooke 😉

  3. Even if it was all of them, no one really should have been harping on her. Sure, she has some issues and needs to get some motivation, but that’s what she’s trying to do. Reality shows always have to manufacture a narrative, but I think the criticism still applies, but maybe not just exclusively to Brooke.

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