Not the numerology that will tell you your future or your personality type, this is Levi’s numerology. Have you ever wondered about their secret codes? Well, for one, even sizes are women’s and odd sizesĀ are junior’s. That is for all clothes and brands, not just Levi’s. That bit of info was like a light shining into a room for me. Was I the only one who had no idea about that? Anyway, back to Levi’s specific numbering. Our Levi’s Numerology page is your guide.

What do I need for fall….Bootcut, straight leg, jegging and skinny please. About 10 men just rolled their eyes at me. But each jean serves a purpose for me. Jeggings are great under my boots with big comfy sweaters. I wear my skinnies with heels for a night on the town. Boot cut are a great anytime look for when I want to rock my cowboy boots, and my straight leg are for those days when I want to wear simple flats. See…they are all needed!!

Guys need more than one too! At least 2…bootcut and straight leg. You guys can skip the jeggings…please. Please!

So do tell, what is your favorite number in the Levi’s world?