Nine as in Nancy

There was no way I wasn’t using that as the post title today. If you watched Texas Women last night you heard Hannah use this line while trying to give her credit card to the florist. That lady was just not getting it. Too funny. Let’s just start there with the recap and jump around some shall we?

I thought Hannah deciding not to go was a good call. She said she didn’t want to make the party about her by going and having some sort of drama happen. I think sending flowers was totally sweet and nice. Speaking of the anniversary party, I loved both Brooke’s sort of studded top and Ali Dee’s floral dress. I can’t really tie them to anything in the store right now…but on with the recap anyway!

I was so sad for Anna and her missing dog. About halfway through the search I turned to my husband and said, “if that dog shows up right now, I am going to think some CMT intern had her and that this was all for show.” Then I saw how upset Anna was, and I kind of wished the intern thing was true, but of course it wasn’t and her sweet dog is gone. Sad. Not to turn and make this about fashion, but come on, you are on a western wear fashion blog – I think Anna was wearing Miss Me jeans on her search mission. They were a flap pocket jean similar to any of these Miss Me Jeans.

Brooke did a little anniversary shopping in this episode. She wanted to stay under $10,000. That budget sounds nice, but mine is more in the $25 range. Lucky for me we had a TON of new stuff hit the shelves this week.  Two of my favs…

This Turquoise and Silver necklace by Cindy Smith seems so Anna to me. Love it.

And I could totally see Ali Dee (does anyone else always call her Ali Dee? I never just say Ali) in this four strand necklace also by Cindy Smith.

Hannah’s parents came to town. She mentioned a while back that they live in Edmond which is north OKC, so they are in our neck of the woods. Her little sister was rocking some boots that looked to be these Ariat Legend Square Toe ones.

Best line in the entire show, well, besides the “Nine as in Nancy” one… Hannah was asking her dad if he was proud of her for following her dreams. His answer, “Ride her till she bucks you.” Solid advice.

Thanks guys for following along in this mash up of a recap. The previews for next week look great and I think I saw Ali Dee in a Southern Thread shirt. More on that next week….