New Music Releases

Barefoot Blue Jean Night is Jake Owen’s 3rd album and the title track has already become a hit for him! This album has less of Jake Owen’s songwriting but more of an intimate feel.  Jake decided that his last two albums left him feeling the need to showcase more of a personal sound, so he changed up producers (*cough* Tony Brown *cough*) to make it happen.

Jake has a quote on his wall in his Nashville home that epitomizes his reasons for fighting for what he wants:

“You’ve got to care about the music…You’d better not be doing it for the publicity, the fame or the money. And you’d sure better not be doing it because it’s a way to make a living, ’cause that ain’t always going to be easy. You got to believe it, believe in the music. You got to mean it.” — Waylon Jennings

So go check out Jake Owen’s latest.  My picks for songs to pay attention to are: “Anywhere With You”, “Wide Awake”, and “The One That Got Away”.

And just remember…it’s rumored that Jake is the inspiration for Taylor Swift’s “Sparks Fly”.  And who could argue with the line “I see sparks fly whenever you smile” after getting a good long look at Mr Jake Owen.  Who is with me ladies? He’s definitely easy on the eyes, you can scroll back up and take a gander again, don’t be embarrassed.

Barefoot Blue Jean Night, Jake Owen