New Music Releases

Today’s big music release is Trace Adkins’ new album  “Proud to Be Here“. He’s making a few tv appearances  to promote the album as you can check out via my Set Your TiVos post from Sunday night.  You can also check out Trace’s official iPhone app for the album at not only does it let you preview the album but it has all kind of Trace Adkins stuff to go with it…videos, biography, other music.  I mean seriously, anything you may want in regards to Trace Adkins, it’s there, you know except for him in the flesh.

On iTunes there are two versions of Proud to Be Here.  There is the regular version and the deluxe version which includes a video and more songs including a duet with our beloved Blake Shelton. So what I’m wondering is, why would you ever buy the regular version of the album.  I mean come on folks.  After previewing the album myself, my favs right out of the bag are: Proud to Be Here, Days Like This, Love Buzz, Always Gonna Be That Way, and Semper Fi.

Will you be downloading it?