We have so much fun writing this blog. Music, TV, Fashion, New Products…it’s all fun for us. What we want to know is… what do you like? Which posts are your favorite?

Do you like our Sunday TiVo Posts where we tell you what Country Music stars will be on TV that week?

Or our Tuesday New Music that lets you know which albums are being released?

What about the New Items posts that let you know what just hit our shelves?

Did you enjoy the posts on The Voice last season and/or Texas Women this season?

Did you think the Employee Picks were interesting? Or the color series we are doing now?

We want to hear from you..what you like, what you don’t like, what you want more or less of on this blog. So please share in the comments…and in doing so, you will be entered to win a pair of Rock and Roll Cowgirl jeans. That’s right, just leave a comment telling us your thoughts on this blog and you will be entered to win a pair of these Rock and Roll Cowgirl Women’s Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans with Black Rhinestone Cross

We are giving away 5 pairs!!!!!

Make sure your comment either includes a valid e-mail or that it links to your profile and/or website to be entered. We have to be able to contact you when you win right!?! Winners will be picked on Sunday night and announced Monday.

53 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. Love the Employee Picks and New Products–always on the lookout for new ways of styling Western fashion and what’s new to the market. A styling makeover might be fun. Take someone in boots, jeans and a tee shirt, and make it into something better with the right accessories.

  2. love how you have some thing for every prsonality, and ones own styles, thanks for letting use enter.

  3. My very very favorite is seeing new items that just hit the shelves!!! I love to shop and love Langstons fashions!!!

  4. I love seeing the new items that you get in and when you talk about the show Texas Women. At first I didn’t think I would like the show, but after I saw the first one I just had to keep watching it. I also like viewing the employee pick’s, they have great taste in style!!!

  5. I would have to say what I enjoy the most are the blogs about Country Music and the Fashion. I am a big country music fan and love to hear about songs and artist and their new upcoming song and other info!!! I haven’t found anything that I dislike about this blog spot!! Your doing a great job keeping us all informed and entertained!!! Thanks and God Bless!!

  6. i have yet to try a pair! jeans are so hard for me to find, that i tend to stick with what i know i like. If i won a pair and am sure i would fall in love and have to buy them. My girlfriends would be soooooooooo jealous 🙂

  7. I am a HUGE country music fan and I love country fashion escpecially my cowboy boots!! I love your blog spot and love how y’all keep us informed!! I love the employee picks!!! I love the show Texas Women it is my new favorite show!!! Keep up the good work!!

  8. I do like to hear about the new styles and what the employees think. I also love the Texas Women talk! That show is crazy fun!

  9. Love, love, love that you keep all of us update date in the newest trends, in clothes and music. Keep up the good work!!

  10. I love seeing the new items and the new music releases. I also love updates on The Voice (one of my new favorite shows, it puts Idol on the back burner in my opinion). 🙂

  11. I love seeing the hot new items and anything music related!!!!!! Langston rocks my face off! Love it!

  12. Keeping up with the fashion trends. Love Rock & Roll cowgirls jeans, they fit soooo well.

  13. I love the Employee Picks! I also love Texas Women! I am stationed overseas right now so I try and keep up as much as possible. You guys make it just a little easier for me, because it is all in one spot. Thank You

  14. I love your blog! I love the Texas Women especially since I am one! Thank you!

  15. Love the Texas Women blog and Employee picks! Such a funny show to watch to see how they try to portray a Texas Woman. And your employees have such good taste can’t wait to see what they pick next!

  16. I love the new items posts. I sometimes don’t feel like I have time to look around online but if I see something I like right then I click on it and usually buy it!! Keep it going!!

  17. I would have to say knowing the new things in store is the best!! It’s great knowing what goodies I can buy!!

  18. The constant updates of whats new with the fashion trends and in the country scene!! Not alot of people that keep u updated like Rock and Roll Cowgirls does. I love love love your stuff!!!

  19. Fun Stuff has got to be my favorite. The fashion advice helps me keep current with the latest styles.
    I love the idea of your new weekly series here called Wear It.
    I love RRCG! Thanks for the chance to win, Langston’s, you rock!!

  20. I like your posts about fashion and the pictures attached. I want less info about music.

  21. Love the music updates. Particularly like fashions; fashions for my teen daughter and me (mid 40s) and we can both be happy and up-to-date for casual riding, and for those special cow-girl up sort of days!

  22. I really love everything about this blog site. Not many people i know like country stuff so im an oddity

  23. <3 the blog .. very big fan of texas country and country you guys have it all rolled into one!

  24. I just now found this blog from the Rock and Roll Cowgirl Facebook page! I like your new section that you are starting called wear it, Country music singers always have the best outfits! I also really like your Texas women section. I have been watching that show and Sweet Home Alabama on CMT! Cody Harris is my favorite! I am going to have to look more at your page during work today to see what I don’t like have not found anything yet! Great job!

  25. I just love checking your page everyday I never know whats going to be on here. Everything is so great. I love the event page I’m always looking for something to do. Thanks for all your hard work and keep it up. Jeans and cowgirl boots are all you need.

  26. I love everything about this blog from the promotions, music picks and outfits! i LOVE how your blog is particle and not outrageously expensive items (lol) These are my favorite jeans!! 🙂

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  28. love the fact that u always have a giveaway and make it fun for everyone! thanks for the great opportunity!

  29. I am new to western wear and so I truly enjoy and look forward to all of you great info that goes hand in hand with helping me with a new and updated look! I recently purchased my first 2 Rock and Roll Cowgirl shirts and love how you all assist us with difrrent styling techniques. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  30. Love, love, love Rock and Roll Cowgirl stuff, the jeans are amazing and fit like a glove.. I just wish they were easier to find, not many dealers here in northeast Iowa 😉 I love this blog because I like to see what’s new in the RRCG world..

  31. I love seeing all of the new fashions and styles that you post. I also enjoy the posts about Texas Women, although I don’t so much enjoy the show itself! I really enjoy the blog!

  32. I love the blogs about music, outfits and the Texas Women. Love yalls cloths they are really cute.

  33. I love your blog. I love seeing new style pics and ideas on how to get looks of stars at lower prices. I am always looking for the new “thing” because I like to be different and stand out. I love the fashion blogs and also the music blogs!

  34. Hello, I love to barrel race and like to look good doing it in my Rock and Roll Cowgirl jeans. I wish I could shop at your store, it looks amazing..but I live in Canada and that would be a long drive for a shopping trip 🙂

  35. I think you should have more giveaways & contests of course. But I also enjoy the Employee Picks. (Outfints of the Taxas Women!)

  36. They look so cool, I am expecting my second baby in Oct, and havent wanted to buy any new jeans since my body will be changing once again.

  37. I love the fashion section! I enjoy seeing all the latest items you offer to the cowgirls in search of that awesome pair of jeans or that fantastic top!

  38. I love the Voice posts, enjoy looking for new cd’s to listen to. I also like the Whats on the Shelves and the new color series. It makes it easier to find those cute clothes that everyone loves!! 🙂

  39. I love seeing what is new as far as shopping 🙂 I wish you were in the Cheyenne Wyoming area and I would like to see more large sizes. By the time I can shop the larger sizes are always gone. Really enjoy it all 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win 🙂

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