Texas Women

Did you guys watch last night? What did you think? I think miss Hannah needs a J-O-B! At least she was learning to cook, that’s something. But still. Girl needs to get working. I was impressed with Brooke’s barrel racing. Even if she didn’t have a great run, it is always great to see someone working hard at something they love.

Photo Via CMT

Brooke said that you need to wear long sleeve shirts when you race…to keep it classy. Love that line. Here is my suggestion for her next run. She could totally rock this look.

Panhandle Slim Women’s Long Sleeve Zebra Burnout T-Shirt with Fluer de Lis Print. Also avaiable in White.

Anna is quickly becoming my favorite. That girl seems to have her stuff together. She had a few looks last night that were cute, but the one that caught my eye the most was the bright colored western snap shirt she wore at the rodeo. Of course, I can’t find a picture. Sorry. Here is my pick off our site…

Panhandle Slim Retro Women’s Western Long Sleeve Solid Snap Shirt with Floral and Heart Embroidery 

Ali had it rough with no one calling into the radio station about her song, but honestly – I think it is a pretty good song. What do you think? On stage she rocked some jeggings with heels, and at the radio station she paired them with boots. Loved both looks.

Did I mention these Levi’s ® 535 ™ Denim Legging are on sale for $17.99 right now!?!?!??!!??!!?

So what do you think? Will you keep watching this show? I have a hard time stopping mid season once I have started. I get sucked in. What about the show right before it? Sweet Home Alabama? Have you seen that one? Should I be watching it?

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