Pool Party

I seem to be up before the CMT peeps, they haven’t posted any pics from last night’s episode of Texas Women yet on their site. Never fear, even without the pics from the show, I can help you get that Texas Women look!

Fashion wise, our girl Ali Dee was of course the one to watch since she was doing a photo shoot for her upcoming CD. Hannah did a great job styling her. When that girl wants to be productive, she totally can be. But when she doesn’t…well, matches as Tikki Torches? That was weak. Anyway, back to fashion.

For the photo shoot Ali had 2 looks. One was a western snap shirt inspired dress with almost a bubble skirt on it. Very sweet and country and perfect. She paired it with low boots. To create a similar look on your own, try either the Dingo Women’s Twisted Sister 7″ Belted Boot or the Dingo Women’s Adobe Rose 7″ Boots with Side Zipper.

In this episode Ali also tried to barrel race. Brooke was a very sweet and supportive teacher. I think she could have pushed Ali even further. Looks like under her guidance they could have tried a jog verses just walking. It was hard to get a good look, but I think Ali was wearing jeans with a detailed flap pocket. My pick are these Rock and Roll Cowgirl Women’s Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans with Rhinestone Flaps.

At the pool party Anna rocked a mini similar to this Rock and Roll Cowgirl Women’s Denim Mini Skirt with Rhinestones and Pocket Flaps.

Fashion wise that kind of sums up the episode. We carry a wide variety of items, but swim wear isn’t among them. I do think Anna’s camo/floral bikini was great. It totally fits her personality.  Overall it was a sweet episode. Brooke was a doll teaching Ali to race, Hannah was sweet helping out for the party – well, not at first, but in the end she was. Anna was a sweet hostess and Ali was sweet bringing the girls a Slip in Slide as a housewarming gift. Everyone was sweet and nice this week. No major drama.

Ooops, I almost forgot the best scene….when Anna is in the hunting blind and her friend is telling her to be quiet and that “this is why women aren’t allowed in the blinds” and then he knocks over a shell and makes a bunch of noise. LOL. Next time she hunts, Anna needs to rock these Justin Women’s Camouflage Cowboy Boots.

See you guys next week for more Texas Women.