New Music: Ali Dee

Have you guys been following along with Deb’s Texas Women recaps? If you haven’t, YOU SHOULD BE! Deb is hooking you up with not only a recap but some apparel suggestions that all the girls have been wearing on the show.

Let’s revisit last week’s episode, specifically Ali Dee.  Ali is the singer of the group and she got her single played on the radio station in last week’s episode and for some reason nobody called in about her song and DUDE it’s a GOOD SONG??! What I’d like to know is, what time of day was this happening that NOBODY called in?? Come ON PEOPLE?! Her song, World’s Gone Crazy, got stuck in my head and I went on the hunt for the single. GIT. ON. MY. IPOD. Amirite?  It looks like according to her blog it should be out in late August. Bummer!

I am not gonna end on a bummer though…you can hear her single tomorrow night and maybe even get to chat with her on at 7:30p CST (or TEXAS TIME as I like to call it but I can say that because I live in Texas)!!

So you can plan on me updating y’all when the single is available, right here at Langston’s blog!! Until then I will be keeping watch on Ali Dee’s website, Facebook page, and on twitter. What? That’s just normal fan behavior right?

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  1. I just want to say that I think you have an amazing voice. I hope you go all the way! If you ever perform in Southern California please let me know. I would love to see you.

    Take Care,

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