Mean Green

This week I moved the color series up to Thursday leaving Friday wide open to recap Texas Women. It is the perfect summer show Рentertaing  and not all all taxing on the brain.

Southern Thread Men’s Long Sleeve Stripe Western Snap Shirt – Green

I think this guys is anything but mean. I think he’s lonely and needs a friend? Don’t you? Look at those eyes, I mean really…he just needs to be loved. Somehow, I doubt there is a shortage of women for him to turn to. Anyway, enough babble…more green.

In fact, maybe she is throwing a knowing and sweet glance his way…

Southern Thread Womens Tab Sleeve Plaid Snap Shirt – Green

Maybe I spend too long looking at product images on line and inventing stories to go along with them? Yea – agreed. But their imaginary daughter would totally rock this…

Kid’s Lil Chick Glow in the Dark Necklace – Lime Green