Google +1

Have you guys seen the social media buttons we have on each product page? They are they so you can share items with your friends and family. Recently I asked our tech guy about the newest buttons, the Google +1 button.

What is Google +1 (pronounced Plus One)? Well, the Google +1 button is similar to the facebook like button, but it works with your google account. When you see a product you like and want to share it with your friends just click on the +1 button in our social tool box, which you’ll find just below the item highlights on  very page. If you’re not already, it will ask you to sign into your google profile account first. Don’t know if you have a google profile? Basically, if you have gmail or any kind of google account, that will work.

So let me get this right…Say I see a pair of boots I love. I can “+1” them. Then later, when my husband is searching for gifts for me and he googles “boots”, he will see that I like those? Yes, that is how it is intended to work – but it is still pretty new, so it will take time to really work. But go +1 things you love and help get the ball rolling!

So I have a few ways to share items right? Help me out with a run through of them please! The Google +1 is just the newest option in ways to let your friends on the web know about products and prices you like at You can use the facebook like button to publish the product name and price to your
facebook news feed or use the Tweet button to share it on twitter. The great thing about the tweet button is that you can always edit the message before sending it out to your twitter feed. If neither facebook or twitter are your favorite networks, you can use the orange share button in the tool box. Click on it and you can choose from dozens of social networks on which you can share your favorite Langston’s products on deals.

Are there other benefits to liking on Facebook and/or following on Twitter? Those are great for keeping up with new items, western wear trends, and the western lifestyle, as well as communicate with our other fans and followers. As an added bonus, we publish daily specials to each one of those feeds and a lot of times it’s new stuff, not just last season of closeout items.

I hope you all follow this blog in your reader or through whatever means you like. And our Twitter handle is @langstons and our Facebook page is

I hope this helped to explain the buttons on our product pages and now you can start sharing things all over the place!