The Voice

Tonight is the last episode of The Voice for this season. Rumor has it Miranda Lambert will be on it. We are all still on Team Blake here right? First, I thought he did great in the judges performance, then again with Dia, and yet again with Brad Paisley. Plus, I love Dia’s voice…and watching Blake as the proud pappa bear has been too cute. As the fashion goes, Blake consistently kills it. Classic black jeans, boots, crisp white shirts, classic plaids for rehearsals. He is just all around adorable.

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I honestly think Dia will win…but if it isn’t her, then it will be Javier. He is amazing as well. Great voice, classic style. We will see a lot of him in the coming years.

Beverly. Oh Beverly. I know lots of people love her, but I am not quite on board. I do think she has a unique style which I admire and love. And she does have a strong voice…but she is just not my favorite. It just doesn’t all come together for me. I wanted to love her duet with Christina and I didn’t. And I wanted to love her solo song, but it fell flat for me. Sorry – maybe it is just me. What do you think?

And then Vicci. Again, I think she has a great voice. And her style rocks. But…just but. I am not sure what it is, but again, she is just not for me. Possibly it is that Cee Lo always takes her performances over the top and makes them more a comedy show than a rock show. I am sorry but what was that last night? I was entertained…but it didn’t showcase Vicci to me.

Ok guys….chime in. Agree? Disagree? Give it to me.

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