The Voice

Did you guys watch last night? I did. First up, how I did with my predictions. I had said the audience would pick Curtis and CeeLo would pick Nakia. I was 1/2 right. Audience picked Vicci, but my Nakia pick was correct.

On Adam I was sort of right and sort of not. The audience picked Javier, not Casey like I thought they would. Then Adam surprised himsewlf even and picked Casey over Jeff. I think he had thought the audience would save Casey and that he could save Jeff. Anyway…

Last night’s show didn’t haveĀ  a lot of country western fashion inspiration in it. Casey rocked boots and dresses all night again, and did it well. I have posted about this look each recap, so I will skip it this time. Blake of course had a classic western shirt onĀ during rehearsals, this time opting for Blue and White checked.

Since there isn’t much western fashion I can pull from last night, I thought I would build on a quote from Cee Lo from the show. He said Black and White were the colors of the night, that they are “the color of business.” It wasn’t just his team, almost everyone was in black and white. So although I have no idea what “the color of business” really means, let’s go with it.

Rockmount Ranch Wear – Men’s L/S Western Snap Shirt with Skull and Roses Embroidery (Black/Silver, Ivory/Black)

Rock and Roll Cowboy by Panhandle Slim Men’s Short Sleeve Two Tone Fleur de Lis T-Shirt

Ferrini Men’s Stingray Print Giraffe Print S-Toe – Black/Cream

Rock and Roll Cowgirl Women’s Long Sleeve Gradient Knit Dress – Black/Grey

Cowgirl Justice Women’s Long Sleeve “RideBaby Ride” Burnout Hoodie (Discontinued)

Justin Bent Rail Women’s 13″ Boots – White/Black

Aside from the fashion, there was of course the music. Team Blake is my favorite..

I think Dia and Xenia both are really interesting. There are other great singers in the group, but these two are different than everyone else out there. They are “new” to me. That said, I think Dia will stay and Xenia will be sent packing. I love how Blake looks like a proud pappa bear when anyone talks about his team. He has really taken them under his wing hasn’t he?

Team Adam…I’ll miss my girl Casey’s fashion…I think she will go home and Javier will stay. Assuming he keeps his hat off, I can be ok with that pick. He is so much better looking without the hat!!

Team CeeLo…this is a hard one. I think Vicci nailed it last night and I loved her studded top. She is my pick, but I think Nakia gave her a run for her money.

Last, Team Christina…I think Frenchie will move on. I am not in love with her. I think she still could have belted it out and gotten more into the song, but I think overall she took it from Beverly.

How about you..thoughts? predictions? What did you think of Blake’s song???