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Team Cee Lo was this morning, now up…Team Adam. Also known as team “adorable old man sweaters.”

Casey. Miss Casey. I wasn’t a huge fan in the other shows, but she sold me tonight. She looked great. She sounded great. Well done. Win or lose on this show, we will see her again for sure. And she is ROCKING the sparkly dress with boots. Here is the group performance too…

I’m pretty sure she has studded brown ones in that first shot. Like these by Lane, Lane Boots Women’s ‘Stud Rocker’ Cowboy Boots – Brown

In the group shot she has some black ones. I can’t see them up close, but these, Lane Boots Women’s ‘Wild Ginger’ Cowboy Boots – Black, would look great with a sparkly dress…

And I know she wasn’t wearing a white sun dress…but if she owns one, she should get these, Corral Women’s Cowboy Boots with Silver Star Underlay – Black, to pair with it.

Next up was Devon. I was kind of 50/50 on him. If you follow us on Twitter you read my confusion. I was half entertained by him and half uncomfortable. I just didn’t know how to feel. One thing that was said after his performance, by Adam, was that he waned stripped down performances to juxtapose Cee Lo’s big stage shows. I agree..this is The Voice, I like that Adam’s team was all about the vocals and not as mush the spectacle.

Jeff did a great job with the Carrie Underwood song. And he was rocking black boots, which is always a plus. We have lots of black boots, but these, Tony Lama Men’s 3R 11″ Black Shoulder Grain Cowboy Boots – Black Baron Calf, are a hard to top classic. Kind of like his performance…strong, no frills, solid.

Javier was last up. I am 90% sure he was wearing a Dickie’s shirt during rehearsals. If not, it was very similar. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, everyone should own one. As far as his performance – I thought he nailed it. And that brings me to predictions….

Casey is in. I think the audience will pick her. If they don’t, Adam will. Either way, she is in. If the audience does pick Casey, I think Adam will save Jeff. Or Javier. Not Devon. Ok…I have to nail down a guess…here…

Casey picked by Audience, Jeff saved by Adam.

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Either way, join me for some live

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