The Voice

A recap of sorts…

I thought Christina looked amazing last night…well, except that mini braid that was opposite the main braid in her hair. Not sure what was up with that. And if you looked at Cee Lo’s jacket too long your eyes hurt. I was crushing on Adam’s old man sweaters in the rehearsal scene and house scene. Too cute.

Let’s start with the winners from last week…I am 3/4 on predictions. I knew Frenchie and Beverly would make it on, and I hoped that Dia would. I thought Xenia was going home for sure. I got that one wrong. I think Blake made a great choice. He can work with her and help her. I am excited to see her develop more.

Ok. Team Cee Lo…

Tori and Taylor. I thought they looked cute and sounded fine, but it was such a staged performance it was hard to really listen to them. They were fine. Good. But not really a stand out.  One of them…Taylor? Tori? Sorry, no idea who. Anyway…in rehearsal she rocked jeggings and boots. You know I love this look.

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Did you see the great Fluer de is necklace Vicci wore? I loved it. Fluer de Lis belong anywhere! As far as her performance, strong. I enjoyed it. Not sure where she sits on my predictions…I have until the end of this post to decide.  

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Nakia. Really? Dancers with flames? Two different kinds of flame twirling things? Cee Lo really loves to produce a show. He sounded great, lots of emotion, lots of strength – but I was blinded by the fire. I was more mesmerized by the fire than him. If the fire hadn’t been there, I think I would have focused on him more. I guess I am easily distracted. I think he was wearing red shoes? Maybe I am remembering that wrong. Anyway, that song, the fire…he should have had these bad boys on…

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Oh Curtis…what can I say here. Ok, rehearsals…

I think he looks best in this type look. Really, most guys look adorable n a worn in cap and a good shirt. Try this one..

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And the performance…

First up…I thought it was a great song choice, but I don’t think he committed to it. It needed a bit more Rock and Roll in it. As far as the dancers…

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I really have about 20 pairs of boots I could post here, but I will stop with just these, Stetson Women’s Handmade Cowboy Boots with Python Inset – Black.

I thought Curtis is great. I think he is great. I think he has all the makings of a start…but…I think he holds back. And I think he is too worried about staying country and needs to allow himself to let go and branch out. His “country” comes through and will still come through, even if he rocks out.

Predictions: Audience will pick Curtis. Cee Lo will save Nakia. How’s that for specific? I didn’t talk about the group performance…I mean really….do I need to. It was a hot mess. A good, fun, hot mess.

I’ll post about Team Adam later today…predictions and all.

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  1. I think Vicci & Nakia are moving on.

    And Cee Lo and that spa day necklace….goodness gracious!

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