The Voice

I am all settled in from the move, there were no storms last night, so I was ready and able to watch The Voice.

Adam’s team was up first – Jeff and Casey.

For the performance Jeff was in Black Boots and a denim jacket. I think it was a good look on him. Simple and sleek…and his voice shinned through.

Dan Post Men’s Bexar 13″ boot, Cinch Men’s Denim Button Up Jacket.

Casey wore black shiny leggings…no, we don’t carry those. But for a similar look, try these denim jeggings by Levi’s.

By the way…I loved her Jacket. She was good, and I think she could be great. It seemed like she was singing kind of outside of her range? Maybe she should be more pop? But what do I know. Jeff took it and he was the clear choice.

Blake’s team was next. Speaking of Blake, I know this is not exactly like the one he was wearing last night, but it totally looks like a “Blake” shirt to me…

Southern Thread Men’s Long Sleeve Wallpaper Stripe Shirt.

As far as his team. Xenia and Sara. Sara told Blake and Reba that she needed more attitude and asked how to get it…how about these? Some studded boots will help add some kick to anyone’s step.

“Stud Rocker” boots by Lane.

As far as the performances….wow. Just wow. I’m sorry but they were both bad. Did you see the judges? Christina looked like she was going to cry she was so upset for them, Blake looked shocked, Cee Lo looked confused. Adam suggested that maybe it was a bad song choice and I kind of agree. But I also think they should have just gone for it. Even if it was out of their range they should have belted it out and at least gave it their all. They both held back since they couldn’t hit the notes. Anyway, it was bad. Xenia won.

Christina’s team was up next. You can’t see it in any pics, but I am pretty sure Cherie was wearing boots over jeggings in the rehersal. I think brown with turquois in them, like these Sorrel Apache ones by Justin.

I have to ask about the hoodie thing that Lily wore in the performance. It was like a hoodie shrug with a clip on the back that connected to her pants. Huh? I did not get it at all. But she did great. I kind of thought Cherie was stronger but I see why they picked her. Her overall stage presence and voice could make a good combo. Plus, it sounds like Cherie will be just fine as a song writer…already has a number one she helped write!!? Wow.

Cee Lo’s team was up last.

It’s like Curtis knew I would write this post. Here he is in this exact shirt by Southern Thread

and a hat similar to this one…

For the performance she rocked a classic pin up look and he broke out a classic black felt hat, here is one we carry by Master Hatters.

And what about the kiss???

Do you think that was real? I mean, I know it was real. And I know she was crushing on him and I think that crush made her song sounds great and filled with emotion. But I do kind of wonder if he did the kiss just for stage presence. Not 100% faked or anything, I think it was real and with emotion, but I think he also has his eye on the prize. 

Anyway….what did you think!!?!? 

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