The Voice

What a great season. I thought all the duets last night were amazing. My favs of course were Dia/Miranda and Javier/Stevie. I did think Stevie kind of “directed” him a bit much, but dude, she is Stevie Nicks. She kind of can. I thought Miranda shared the stage well and really let Dia shine. Honestly, I am so sorry, but I have no idea who Beverly was doing her duet with. As far as Vicci and Pat M…that was pretty good. But again, like I have said before, I feel like she wasn’t giving it her all. It seems to me like that girl could really belt it out if she wanted to, but she is holding back. Am I the only one who thinks that?

Thanks you guys for watching along with me this season. I wonder if Season 2 can be as good? The coaches can’t get this attached to their team each season can they? Poor Blake will have a breakdown if he does. Congrats to Javier!!! Great job this season. A well deserved win.  And Javier…if you need an outfit for the upcoming tour…I got you covered…I know he is a bit understated, nothing too flashy most of the time…so I went with clean and simple.

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