My Pick….

I love all the Lane boots, but my pick…Old Mexico.

The stitching is amazing. So detailed and unique. I love them. I paired them with a tank and jeggings. Next up I think I want to try and flowing white sundress with them. What do you think?

As far as fit, I found them to be true to size. And as far as comfort, I thought they were great. Once I was sure the ones I had ordered were the correct size, I had my husband help me bend them in half a few times. This helps “break” the sole and makes them feel better right on the ball of your foot. This is true for any boot. I wore them all night and they felt great. No blisters or anything. They are my new favorite boot for sure!

One thought on “My Pick….

  1. All I can say is I love the Poison Lane boot. Hard to choose from all the beautiful boots, but this is the one. Great collection!!!

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