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Another great episode last night. I had to flip between it and the Thunder/Mavs game, but I caught most of it. We are located in OKC, so the Thunder has my vote to win, but lots of our vendors are in Dallas…so either way, win or lose, it is a great series to watch! Ok, on to music and fashion…

In the rehearsals, both Tje and Angela rocked denim vests. And did you see one of the girls on Christina’s team wearing some killer boots?  They looked similar to these  Ariat Women’s Tombstone Cowboy Boots – Turquoise/Brown Gator Print.


During rehearsals Adam had on a denim shirt…take your pick of these Denim Shirts to get the look.

Ok, the performances. Cee Lo’s team: I really don’t have much to say. Neither of them wowed me. The judges loved them but they both kind of bugged me. So I was indifferent to the winner. How about you? Did you have more passion for this battle than I did?

Blake’s team: I totally agree with his choice, but I loved the married duo too. For Jared, I picked out this Rock and Roll Cowboy by Panhandle Slim Men’s Short Sleeve Two Tone Fleur de Lis T-Shirt and these Dingo Men’s 12″ Eagle Harness Boots – Black. Pretty perfect for him don’t you think?

For Elenowen…Not sure how I feel about that name by the way. Are you on board with it? I’m guessing it is their names combined right? That’s cute…right? I thought she looked great, but I think that dress was screaming for boots. These Ariat Women’s Shada 10″ Cowboy Boots – Peanut Briddle would have taken that outfit into perfection. I thought his vest look was a good one, and I think he was wearing boots, but I couldn’t see them very well. This Miller Ranch Men’s Wool Button Down Plaid Vest – Brown would work perfectly to create that look for yourself.

Adam’s team: sorry to say it this way, but he killed it and she bugged. She seems extremely sweet and nice, but she just doesn’t seem like a rock star to me. But fashion wise, Angela did well. If you liked her studded dress, we have lots of options for you to recreate the look…

Roper Women’s Sleeveless Dress with Nail Heads – Black, Roper Women’s Sleeveless Tank Top with Nailheads – Black, Lane Boots Women’s ‘Stud Rocker’ Cowboy Boots – Brown

Last up, Christina’s team: I didn’t really agree with the verdict. I thought that Beverly kind of over sang. To me Justin did really well and it would have been fun to see what else he could have done. How he could have grown. Anyway, what do I know? I am not a singer by any means. I did love his comment to Blake when he said he looked like he worked in a bank..”I’m a redneck just like you.” Ha! As far as working in a bank, the dark washed denim he wore was perfect for wearing just about anywhere by anyone, banker to rock star. Levi’s ® Men’s 517 ® Boot Cut Jeans – Rigid Denim is a great jean to own.

Beverly was rocking a red tee with a gold foil design on it. A few options for a similar look, Rock and Roll Cowgirl Women’s Cowgirl Tank Top with Print and Rhinestones – Red and Petrol Women’s Short Sleeve Ornate Fleur de Lis Mineral T-Shirt – Red

So those are my thoughts on this week’s The Voice. What did you think? By the way, I am so sorry but I was unable to borrow any images from the NBC site today to do some side by side shots from the show with our products, I will try and fix it and be back to that next week.

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  1. Deb, you are my favorite Monday Morning voice quarterback. Reading your blog makes the wait til the next The Voice a little more bearable…

    Your take on the singing is spot-on as if your take on fashion.

    Hasta next week!

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