Agree or Disagree?

Did you guys watch The Voice last night? I am kind of on the fence about some of the decisions. I would have picked Tarralyn over Frenchie I think. And I know I would have picked Tyler over Patrick. I trust Blake and Reba…but I am not too sure about that decision. How about you? I think Patrick can sing a great Country tune…but I thought Tyler was interesting and had a great range of vocals. Would have been cool to see how Reba and Blake would have worked with him. Anyway, enough of my griping. I did agree with the other two picks, Vicci and Casey.

I did have a few fashion questions…like the puffy tail thing that Niki wore? I am not too sure about that. Patrick sounded great, but I think we could up his style vibe. How abouy this shirt for his next performance?

I think the lighter color would look great against the darker stage and background, and the detailing would look good on close ups. The contrast of the sleeves is some added interest to set the shirt apart and make it different. Rock and Roll Cowboy Men’s Long Sleeve Dip Dyed Snap Shirt with Embroidery – Dark Grey

Vicci needs to rock these Dingo boots for her next performance…I think they totally fit her style.

Dingo Women’s Metro 7″ Zipper Harness Boots – Chocolate

What did you guys think of the show? Agree or Disagree with the coaches? And how about Blake’s new video???

2 thoughts on “Agree or Disagree?

  1. Oh, I love that you guys are blogging The Voice and I so agree with your Tyler over Patrick call (the Frenchie/Tarraylyn call was so note-by-note it’s hard to say…)

    Love your style pix too, of course. Look fwd to yr next blogisode…

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