Wedding Boots

On Valentine’s Day we posted about giving Simon a pair of boots for his wedding as part of the Social Media wedding project.

Here is another sweet picture of Simon and his son.

For more about this adorable family, visit A Girl and A Boy. Now…about the boots. Want to know which kind he picked? I think you do. Want to know why? Because we will host a giveaway in a few months of the same brand! What is that brand you ask?

Corral boots. He chose these with the Teju Lizard inlay.

Be sure to check back here (and FB/Twitter) so you can enter the giveaway when it is posted! The winner will get to pick which Corral Boot they want. Details to follow.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Boots

  1. And have you seen how many times he’s tweeted about them? How many photos he’s taken of them with his phone? How many times he’s said, “I love these boots!”? It’s adorable. Thank you guys again!

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