A Valentine’s Day gift

See that man right there? That is Simon, shown with his adorable son.

Hey Simon….Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

We have teamed up with Simon’s fiance, the lovely Leah from A Girl and A Boy, to surprise Simon with a pair of boots! Not just any boots, a pair of black boots to go with his black hat and to be worn on his wedding day Easter weekend. Simon and Leah are planning their wedding with the help of many, many people all wonderfully connected by social media and blogs. With the help of Meg from A Practical Wedding and several others, this wedding is going to be one for the books. Check out the story here and here. We are so happy to be a part of this wedding, and to offer these boots to Simon as a Valentine’s Day/Wedding gift! Now he just needs to pick his pair….

Justin Men’s Classic, Corral Distressed Goat, Ariat Men’s Latigo

And here is a heads up…in March we will again team up with Leah to give away a pair of boots to one of her readers! I’ll post a link here and on FB and Twitter so you don’t miss it!

4 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day gift

  1. Well thank you thank you thank you! What a wonderful surprise, both for Valentine’s Day and for our wedding! I’ll be looking spiffy and sharp for our big day. I can’t wait to get these boots on my feet!

    Thanks, Langston’s!


  2. I think a pair of cowboy boots is the finest Valentine’s Day present I have ever heard of. Now I need to warn my husband that he should buy me a pair next year!

  3. They arrived today, and they are the MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVER! Thanks, Langston’s, this is the most wonderful of gifts.

    I can’t wait to wear these bad boys on stage – stompin’ and kickin’ and having a ball.

    I love them!

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