9 thoughts on “New Ferrini Boots for Summer/Fall

  1. wow sharp I can see me in these!! they look like one of a kind kinda boots any contests to win a pair????? hint hint hint

  2. what is the retail and what sizes are they avaialbe……….i like the multi colored for a daily look

    those purple are wowzers purple is my fav color

    how is a girl to pick just one pair of anything that goes on her feet?

  3. They’ll both be under $200. The purple ones are more of a bright hot pink, but equally as hot. Size run should be 6.5 – 10, but if you need a different size, let us know and we’ll see if we can get it for you.

    Hopefully we will do a giveaway with these when they come in. Check here, FB and Twitter for updates!

  4. As soon as we get them in stock we will post them for sale on the website. I think they will be online only and not in the stores. I will be sure to post them on FB and Twitter as soon as they come in.

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