A Place to Share

One of our favorite bloggers, Torrie from A Place to Share, stopped by to show us a few of her favorite items from the site….

I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a city girl.  I was born and raised in southern California, in a small, quaint town just outside of Pasadena.  On the other hand, I’m not exactly a country gal either… well, geographically speaking, that is.  But ever since I was a little girl, I’ve felt a strong connection to all that is southern. I have day dreams of early morning sunrises, rolling hills, big blue skies, bright green grass, and old country roads.  Aside from nature, I am captivated by the essence of southern charm, hospitality, and pride- reflected in its music, food (ohhh, don’t get me started about the food!), people- its lifestyle.  Maybe it’s an inner need to slow down.  To celebrate life and each other.

Despite my self-proclaimed southern-at-heart roots, I have yet to delve into “country attire.”  I’ve avoided it in fear of being a bit out of place or overly stand-outish (not that this is an actual word, but you get the point).  When I stop to think about it, this really makes no sense.  It’s one of those “it looks great on others, but not on me”– nonsense.  And really, you can pretty much wear anything ‘in LA’, and get away with it!

That said, if I were to add a little southern flare to my life [or closet], here’s where I’d start…

Rock and Roll Cowgirl Women’s Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans with Pocket Flaps (I’m very excited to see a spring comeback of flare and wide leg jeans.)

Ariat Heritage Western Boots – Vintage Caramel (love the narrow tips and slightly higher heels)

Panhandle Slim Women’s Cap Sleeve Peasant Blouse with Lace Trim – White (a spring and summer essential… and a great layering piece for fall/winter)

Rockies Women’s Western Long Sleeve Print Snap Shirt – Rose Magenta (the color, the fit, the pockets, the polka-dots- sexy and cute)

Thanks Torrie for sharing your picks with us!

Please check out Torrie’s blog, A Place to Share for more great tips on fashion, food and life!