Starter Boots…

A friend asked me this week what boots he should buy. This will be his first pair of cowboys boots. Worn in boots, jeans that fit perfectly and a simple t-shirt….such a classic look. So as far as which boots….since they are his first pair, I think classic is the way to go…

These 13″ Classic Western Bay Apache Boot by Justin is a solid pick. They will go with everything and wear incredibly well.

If he wants to go a step up….

These Men’s Punchy 13″ Tan Distressed Vintage Boots by Justin are BEAUTIFUL. I mean – wow. Love.

So there you go….a wish list ready to send to your mom/sister/wife.

2 thoughts on “Starter Boots…

  1. I love these by Ariat as a good, starter boot. They are classic and will go with anything!

    Same with these:

    Or these by Justin:

    I tend to pick brown if you are just getting one pair…but it is personal style. I wear my brown with all color tops, including (and especially)black. Black boots would work with everything too!

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