I have a few pairs of jeans that I LOVE, but I have zipper issues with them. The zipper tends not to stay zipped. Does this happen to you? Hopefully it’s not just me. Anyway, I did some research on the good old Internet…lots of people said the reason was that the jeans are too tight. Now, several of my jeans are on the snug side…but they are not tight tight. So I kept looking. Here is what I found….some zippers need to be “locked.”


So here is what you do…zip your jeans, then make sure the tab part of the zipper is down and gently tug on it. Not enough to unzip the jeans, just kind of push it down a bit with your finger at the top of the zipper. It totally works. You can then try and push a little more and you will see that the zipper is “locked.” You can still unzip them obviously…but the zipper will not creep down on it’s own. Problem solved.