Friday Round Up

Not much Twitter action this week…but one did make me laugh…

@kelliepickler – Get Swift’s new album or I’ll slap you with a shovel. ha! 😉

Ha…ok Kellie…you have my word.

In other Taylor Swift news, she is featured in People Mag this week. “Taylor Swift Tells All”….so you know what I will be reading this afternoon when I have a break!

Last week we had a great giveaway with The Daily Julie and next week we have one with Kramey Martin. Are you guys following us on Twitter and Facebook? That is where we link to all these great giveaways we keep doing!

Speaking of Facebook, Lori from A Cowboy’s Wife shared her holiday picks on our page. Love her choices!

So that is about it for our week. Have a Happy Halloween and don’t forget that our Levi’s jean sale ends on Sunday!